1.4. Input

1.4.1. Logitech Unifying

Solaar is a Linux device manager for Logitech’s Unifying Receiver peripherals.

1sudo apt install -y solaar

1.4.2. Logitech MX Revolution

To search Google for the selected text when the Zoom button is pressed.

Easystroke Gesture Recognition is a gesture-recognition application. xclip is a command line interface to X selections (clipboard).

1sudo apt install -y easystroke xclip

Open Easystroke Gesture Recognition then:

  1. in Preferences ‣ Appearance

    1. check Autostart easystroke

  2. in Preferences ‣ Behavior ‣ Additional Buttons

    1. press Add

    2. select Instant Gestures

    3. press the Zoom button in the gray area

  3. in Actions press Add Action then

    1. doucle-click the column Stroke then press the Zoom button

    2. set Name to Search Google

    3. set Type to Command

    4. set Details to sh -c 'firefox "https://www.google.com/search?q=$(xclip -o)"'